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How to Cure Diabetes Permanently?

How to Cure Diabetes Permanently?

Is that question unreasonable to you? You might say, it’s not true!
There’s no way on how to cure diabetes permanently! Maybe it’s unbelievable since you are living all your life with the old mortar and pestle way of controlling your diabetes!

Well, not until you finished reading this article!

Hi good day! Nice meeting you. I know every diabetic person was struggling to control their blood sugar. I am talking about the conventional ways of taking the dangerous prescribe medications, getting the high dosage of it when the medications not working anymore, then constant daily monitoring of your blood sugar and then injecting insulin all your life on top of drugs and the list continues.

I know  and understand the agony of a diabetic life’s medications and hardships…. since my mom died 3 years ago, yeah, she died young, she was only 59 yrs. old! She was diagnosed as a diabetic when she was 49 years old. And in the period of ten years we as a family experienced the tedious drug regimens, always reading blood sugars, regularly checking the proper food diet and nutrition…Yup we do follow according to the doctor’s recommendations……but yet she died because of diabetic complications, her heart weakened and resulting to her lungs was full of water, she can’t hardly breath! It only took her 1 week after her heart weakened then she died. If only I could do something during those times, I would do something!

Horribly wrong! The old methods on treating diabetes is not working!


Are you not tired of it? If you are a diabetic, you need to stop and think for a second. You cannot continue this way! You should do a radical change in order to get out of the trend of dying young, just like my mom’s fate.

Sooner or later you WILL die, from complications of diabetes or side-effects of the drugs you take. You spend your last moments with pumps and tubes and oxygen in intolerable pain and struggle. You will wish you did something sooner!

If only, you know a breakthrough of modern science that will enable you to cure diabetes permanently…or reverse type II diabetes or prevent diabetes at all then you would do something! Am I, right?

Imagine if you knew and you have all the access to all of ways and exact methods from all this modern medical research on how to cure diabetes permanently. Would you use this information to heal yourself, your family, your relatives and friends that are diabetic?

That is the best thing you would do now! Well I would introduce the book that contains it, the book: 7 Steps to Health!

More about the 7 Steps to Health

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie is a 500+ page book/eBook that contains methods and strategies to help you kick diabetes to the curb.

What I like inside this book is the 30 days Diabetes Plan. This plan contains the best to-do list that you can possibly do to destroy diabetes fast! It also contains the “Yes Foods” to eat, the right ‘Supplements’ to take and many more strategies.

The book will open your eyes indeed. The life changing information within will help you stop “treating” your diabetes but to finally beating it!

GET The 7 Steps to Health Fast!

Testimonies and Reviews:

I dig the 7 steps to Health reviews all over the internet. And found amazing reviews 5 out of 5 stars rating!

So, it really helps! And it’s beneficial to you!

These customer’s reviews are from real customers who actually bought and read the book and actually benefited from it. Not from any negative blogger out there who wants to appear to have the actual review but they only want to sell another affiliate products that they carry.

Here are some of the customer’s review:

This book contains great information. I have lost 30 lbs in 3 months and am off all medications.
By Satisfied Customer – May 18, 2016

I read a lot of the reviews on here that says that this book is no good. I bought the book 3 months ago. I have been following the advice and diet that the book suggests. I realize that a lot of what is required is that you eat like a Vegan. I have modified that and have also been eating lean meats, mostly turkey and chicken along with the diet and have been walking 2 miles 5-t6 days a week. I have lost 30 lbs in the last 3 months. I went to my Md last week to get results from my latest blood tests. I am now completely off of all my medications. No more blood sugar pills, no more blood pressure pills, no more meds of any kind. In reading those reviews I believe that not everyone is willing to make the lifestyle changes needed to attain good health. All of the information in this book is scientifically proven and has been compiled from over 1000 years of research. We are what we eat. Don’t write a review of a book if you have not even done what it says and then dispute what it says. I was @ the point that it was either live a limited lifestyle on meds or get healthy. I chose good health. this is a great book.


Diabetes cure?
By Bob Randalon June 29, 2016

With diabetics in my family, I decided to test myself. Was not prepared for a 519 with ketone. Cut out all sugar and white food of any kind. Still testing steadily around 300 w/ ketones. Even with a 35 lbs weight loss. Stumbled across the 7 Steps and followed it fairly closely. 4 months later……..I rarely test over 100 w/no ketones. Crave the smoothies and feel great. Can now eat some of my favorites again.Without increased perament sugar levels.
A cure? Only time will tell. In the mean time I ll take it . I recommend this new way of thinking about food to anyone who will listen


This could help you
By Dale Worthumon September 11, 2016

This book is full of scientific study’s, and some would say conspiracy theories. But like everything you must do your homework. Drs. Say I am type 2 Diabetic, so I have decided to take my health into my own hands. Taking 4 medications. Plan is to get out of the pharmaceutical farm. It’s been over a month now trying to follow book the best I can. My glucose numbers have dramatically fallen (much better). Yes, you may become a vegetarian if you follow the instructions but its not all bad.


By Satisfied Customer on March 22, 2016

Two weeks into my 30-day protocol for Diabetes. I have lost ten pounds and my fasting blood sugars range from 81 to 116. I have stopped taking my Januvia and have dropped my metformin from the prescribed 2000MG a day to 1000MGS. Before staring this my sugars ranged from 160 to well int he 300’s with nothing working for me besides glipizide which made me sick and still did not get my numbers anywhere near normal.
The diet and supplements are not fun, I am not enjoying this at all but it is working as promised.


This book contains much needed information that the general public is not aware of.
By Carol Larsonon May 31, 2016

This book was extremely informative. My husband and I have changed our way of eating and stopped eating out in restaurants. We both feel much better and I’m passing the information contained in this book to my friends.


AWESOME Book. It has a great deal of super …
By Colleen Bove on March 5, 2016

AWESOME Book. It has a great deal of super beneficial foods that are healthy. I literally can’t put this book down as I just want to keep reading and learning about more healthy foods. Some people would say the facts in this book are questionable, but I know several foods that they discuss first hand is exactly what they say about it as I experienced really bad symptoms from them. A great guideline for diabetics to follow. Highly recommend it.

Yup this book is really beneficial to you, who is battling diabetes all your life! If you are really serious on asking how to cure diabetes permanently, then you should do something right now! There are so many positive customers review and some minor negative review as well. We cannot please everybody that is normal.

But hey, if almost everybody is recommending the book, would you not try it? If majority benefited already, are you not willing to buy it and read it and then apply it yourself?

GET The 7 Steps to Health Now!

It’s time for you to learn the truth about reversing your diabetes. It helped tens of thousands of diabetics all over the world already. Don’t think twice!

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    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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